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    The Appeal of E. L. Designs | Designer Jewelry at Beach Treasures in Duck

    The Appeal of E. L. Designs

    If you've visited us in Duck and here online, you've no doubt been introduced to this unparalleled's irresistible! For starters, E. L. Designs are handcrafted -- not mass-produced – resulting in a unique piece of incomparable beauty, function, and quality. Put simply, the entire collection is delightful…bracelets, earrings, and necklaces with unique features, closures, and occasional little surprises. 

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    BT★Sterling: Treasures from the Sea | Signature Seaglass & Seashell Jewelry from Beach Treasures in Duck

    BT★Sterling: Treasures from the Sea

    Much of the time, as we walk along the shore, we step over bits and pieces of broken shells – tidbits of flotsam and jetsam that have washed up -- at least for a little while. But on occasion, especially when you’ve discovered island time, something about the color or shape of a find beckons us to bend over and pick it up. Created from findings along the Outer Banks beaches – from Ocracoke to Carova, even as far south as Beaufort – and with the help of our in-house artist, Barbara Hearne, we’ve created a beautiful line of jewelry from the treasures that the sea has tossed our way. 

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