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    Spread the Sparkle All Around | Holiday Time at Beach Treasures in Duck

    Spread the Sparkle All Around

    Amidst all that bustling, I appreciate taking the time to reflect on the moments shared with family and friends, customers, colleagues, and even strangers, to remember that the holiday season is about so much more. It is a time to reflect upon peace, love, and goodwill…the sparkle…the good stuff.

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    Kyanite Gemstone Jewelry at Beach Treasures in Duck

    Kyanite's Cool Blue

    Kyanite – a unique gemstone -- gets its name from the Greek word kuanos, meaning deep blue. Mined from sedimentary rocks or other formations, kyanite is believed to hold positive energy and is probably best known for its balancing properties. And while its colors include indigo, green and black – the blue – an icy, glacial, deep blue, streaked with white -- is arguably its most beautiful version of itself.

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    Shine On: Druzy Quartz Jewelry at Beach Treasures in Duck

    Shine On: Druzy Quartz Jewelry

    At Beach Treasures in Duck, you’ll find druzy jewelry in a variety of colors and settings – and for my customers, this is a big part of its appeal!  Popular colors range from the natural silvery grey to brilliant Caribbean blue…but you’ll also see it in white, black, and pink.  Titanium druzy  -- another big favorite – with its iridescent qualities, reflects a kaleidoscope of colors.

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    Chris Bales: An Artist's Eye | Beach Treasures in Duck

    Chris Bales: An Artist's Eye

    Chris Bales eye and affinity for working with gemstones sets her work apart from others.  Having a keen eye for stones -- envisioning one with another and creating unexpected combinations -- is a hallmark for her bracelets and necklaces.  Beyond statement pieces, Chris’ works capture the essence of the beach…a seahorse, a mermaid…perhaps a collection of stones shimmering like the ocean blue. 

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