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    Our Special Finds: One of a Kind Pieces...Especially for You | One Of A Kind Gemstone Jewelry at Beach Treasures in Duck

    Our Special Finds: One of a Kind Jewelry...Especially for You

    While it can be said for so many pieces here at Beach Treasures in Duck, I do enjoy having an opportunity to highlight the unusual pieces that come our way.  Whether it’s a distinctive gem or an extraordinary piece by one of admired jewelry designers, Our Special Finds is a collection of pendants, earrings, and bracelets that you won’t find anywhere else.

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    When the Night Sky Turns Purple | Russian Charoite Jewelry at Beach Treasures in Duck

    When the Night Sky Turns Purple

    When the warm afternoons of fall approach, our sunsets become even more amazing.  Less dust and less pollution mean more intense colors…and all of those beautiful striations wash across the sky at day’s end.  Rich and bold, and reminiscent of Russian Charoite -- one of the most distinct gemstones available on the market today. 

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    Mother of Pearl Jewelry at Beach Treasures in Duck

    Irresistible Iridescence

    While its appearance may look quite delicate or even brittle, Mother of Pearl is surprisingly strong and resilient – its outward luminosity disguising its inner strength.  When the light touches its surface, the multicolored iridescence that’s revealed is what makes it so recognizable.

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    Shine On: Druzy Quartz Jewelry at Beach Treasures in Duck

    Shine On: Druzy Quartz Jewelry

    At Beach Treasures in Duck, you’ll find druzy jewelry in a variety of colors and settings – and for my customers, this is a big part of its appeal!  Popular colors range from the natural silvery grey to brilliant Caribbean blue…but you’ll also see it in white, black, and pink.  Titanium druzy  -- another big favorite – with its iridescent qualities, reflects a kaleidoscope of colors.

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    In the Nightime Summer Sky

    In the Nighttime Summer Sky

    As an adult --- miles and miles away from my childhood home in Morristown, New Jersey -- I still find that I gaze at the moon and stars with a sense of childlike wonder.  Space, like the ocean, still feels vast.  Full of curiosity…especially when I consider that Wilbur & Orville’s First Flight in 1903 was merely a dozen or so miles from where I now live…how is it possible that in 66 short years we flew to the MOON?

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