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    From Humble Beginnings: Musings at the Start of a New Decade! | Beach Treasures in Duck

    From Humble Beginnings: Musings at the Start of a New Decade!

    It's so hard to believe that it is a new DECADE! This has me counting -- literally -- the years since I started my journey at Beach Treasures in Duck and that in March of 2021 I will celebrate its 30th anniversary! To look back at the shop where this all started, it is hard to recognize the beginnings of the current iteration of Beach Treasures in Duck. We were Beach Essentials back then...filled with beach supplies, toys, 30+ tee shirt designs, novelties, and yes, those "beloved" Hermit Crabs! So were our humble beginnings.

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    In the Nightime Summer Sky

    In the Nighttime Summer Sky

    As an adult --- miles and miles away from my childhood home in Morristown, New Jersey -- I still find that I gaze at the moon and stars with a sense of childlike wonder.  Space, like the ocean, still feels vast.  Full of curiosity…especially when I consider that Wilbur & Orville’s First Flight in 1903 was merely a dozen or so miles from where I now live…how is it possible that in 66 short years we flew to the MOON?

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    Chris Bales: An Artist's Eye | Beach Treasures in Duck

    Chris Bales: An Artist's Eye

    Chris Bales eye and affinity for working with gemstones sets her work apart from others.  Having a keen eye for stones -- envisioning one with another and creating unexpected combinations -- is a hallmark for her bracelets and necklaces.  Beyond statement pieces, Chris’ works capture the essence of the beach…a seahorse, a mermaid…perhaps a collection of stones shimmering like the ocean blue. 

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