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    A rhodochrosite bracelet from Beach Treasures in Duck inspires this month's BLOG.

    The Spirit Within the Stones

    The desert southwest is an inspirational backdrop to be sure. Showcasing such an extensive collection of jewelry at Beach Treasures in Duck has provided me the good fortune to enjoy many a journey seeking and meeting designers and artisans. Over the years, I’ve learned a great deal about gems, but not nearly as much as I’ve learned from and about the artisans behind all this exquisite work. The stones are naturally beautiful – but the craftsmanship and artistry are what infuse them with their spirit.

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    Pearls, All Sorts | Pearl Jewelry at Beach Treasures in Duck

    Pearls...All Sorts

    As the saying goes, pearls are always appropriate whether your style is classic or contemporary.  And just in case you’re wondering…adding them to your outfit doesn’t necessarily mean unpacking your grandmother’s traditional string of pearls. As you’re bound to discover from perusing our newest collection, pearl jewelry takes many forms and can actually be quite interesting. 

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    Spider Web Opal Jewelry | Beach Treasures in Duck

    Glimpse the Magnificent Southwest

    The spider web opal jewelry showcased at Beach Treasures in Duck is Native American Made with origins in New Mexico.  Years ago, on one of my annual treasure hunts out West, I was fortunate to discover an artisan whose passion is promoting spider web opal jewelry that has been authentically crafted in the traditions of Native American jewelry makers. 

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    Kyanite Gemstone Jewelry at Beach Treasures in Duck

    Kyanite's Cool Blue

    Kyanite – a unique gemstone -- gets its name from the Greek word kuanos, meaning deep blue. Mined from sedimentary rocks or other formations, kyanite is believed to hold positive energy and is probably best known for its balancing properties. And while its colors include indigo, green and black – the blue – an icy, glacial, deep blue, streaked with white -- is arguably its most beautiful version of itself.

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    Our Special Finds: One of a Kind Pieces...Especially for You | One Of A Kind Gemstone Jewelry at Beach Treasures in Duck

    Our Special Finds: One of a Kind Jewelry...Especially for You

    While it can be said for so many pieces here at Beach Treasures in Duck, I do enjoy having an opportunity to highlight the unusual pieces that come our way.  Whether it’s a distinctive gem or an extraordinary piece by one of admired jewelry designers, Our Special Finds is a collection of pendants, earrings, and bracelets that you won’t find anywhere else.

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