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    Larimar is a rare gem with a mysterious history that exists only in the Dominican Republic. An earthquake dislodged pieces into a river where they gently tumbled downstream to be discovered. One of the early artisans used the small blue pebbles and named them after his daughter, “Larissa” and the spanish word for ocean, “Mar.” Local children can still be seen running up and down the shore in search of their own treasures.

    The ageless beauty and natural luminescence of Larimar lends itself to jewelry designed to capture the spirit of this unique gem and share its amazing natural beauty with others. The fashion forward design of MarahLago Larimar beautifully highlights it in a way that captures the essence of the Caribbean.

    MarahLago Authorized Dealer

    Look for the  signature flower which is attached or etched into every piece of authentic MarahLago Larimar jewelry. If you don’t find the flower, it’s an imitation, and it won’t have the quality, care, or longevity of this exquisite design collection.  Beach Treasures in Duck is proud to be an MarahLago Authorized Dealer.