Gallery- Rebeccah Rogers Local Art

In her own words, Becky says "I live on the Outer Banks of NC in Kitty Hawk with my husband and two boys, and I can't imagine living anywhere else.  I am a mom first, but have practiced massage therapy for over 20 years following my graduation from JMU in 1992 where I studied health sciences and sports medicine.  My life as an artist came gradually.  In my twenties, my habitual doodling turned into tattoo-like drawings. Then came marriage and children and my creative outlet was gladly put on hold. In 2008 a friend had some old windows that I decided I had to have for who knows what... and so revived my creativity.

“Painting on windows is different than painting on canvas.  I use acrylics to paint and create a layered effect.  This involves a certain amount of reverse painting, which is really cool to organize in my brain.  I find this technique challenging and rewarding.  I have never taken an art class, so my talent is God given and I thank Him for it!  I look forward to learning more as I paint.

“When I paint, I feel joy, so I share! I am inspired by my favorite things...the ocean, trees, mountains...anything nature-y, really.  I want my art to bring happiness to others, so I thank you for your support...Be Happy!"

 We here at beach Treasures are delighted to represent this gifted local artist!