Chalcedoney Pendant w/Necklace

Chalcedoney Pendant w/Necklace
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This Janice Girardi Aqua Blue Chalcedoney Sterling Silver Necklace with lobster clasp, has a hue of aqua blue stone, much like a creamy blue sky on a cloudy day. The stone is set in .925 Sterling Silver.  Measures 10 3/4 inches in length. This necklace leaves room to complement your own style, from blue jeans to little summer dresses. 

You will delight in wearing your Janice Girardi jewelry.  It is created using fair trade practices ensuring environmental and social responsibility.  The Janice Girardi Collection is sold worldwide in major department stores, fine jewelry stores, and exclusive boutiques.  Designing jewelry that is both fashionable and classic, Janice Girardi blends modern flair and ancient drama into striking combinations of precious metals, gemstones, and freshwater pearls.


Although some regions are better known than others, high quality chalcedony deposits can be found all over the world. Almost all of the United States is known to produce chalcedony. Other notable sources for the lighter, translucent and bluish 'actual chalcedony' material include Uruguay, India, Madagascar, Myanmar (Burma), Mexico, Brazil and Southwestern Africa.  Chalcedony also lessens the effects of dementia and senility.  It increases physical energy.  Heals the eyes,  gallbladder, bones, & spleen.


It is the exact item pictured. Photographed with no editing or touch ups, these images capture the true coloring of the jewelry so you will receive the exact item pictured. We recommend that you use a sterling polishing cloth to keep your sterling silver clean. The polishing cloth is safe for use with all our wonderful stones at Beach Treasures. As with all of our beautiful jewelry here in the OBX, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. This item ships free from Duck NC!  Come see why Beach Treasures is the hidden Gem on the Town of Duck's Boardwalk! We look forward to becoming your Outer Banks jewelry store.



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