Blue Opalite heart key pendant

Blue Opal Opalite heart key pendant
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Both fun and beautiful...this blue opalite Heart Key Pendant features a gorgeous blue and flashes of green stone set in 925 Sterling Silver.  The designers then placed the sterling silver in a rhodium addition which makes the piece more durable and prevents the need to ever polish.  Measures approximately 1 and 1/2 inches long including the bail.
Opalite, also called Crushed Opal, is made of opal particles and opal dust which are fused as an opalized glass resin, that is then fused with metal to create an opalescent effect. Opalite has a soft, gentle and soothing effect when held or viewed.  It is said to stabilize moods of the wearer.

Opalite is beachy color that will take you back to the OBX North Carolina sun and fun. These items are sold by design here in the OBX Beach Treasures. Because of the creation process, each stone will have slight variations from one to another. While you won't receive the exact stones pictured, it will still be your own unique reminder of the outer banks! As with all of our beautiful jewelry, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Our jewelry ships everyday from Duck NC! Come see why Beach Treasures is the hidden treasure of Outer Banks jewelry stores.

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